Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Level 2 Design

Quite often, I am asked, "What does your husband do?" My mind is quickly filled with images of him making dinner, playing with our kids, mowing the yard, playing guitar at church, giving the dogs baths, making me laugh, hiking a trail, playing baseball, etc. Then, I realize that this person is inquiring about the type of work that he does (the kind that makes the money)... That's a little complicated. It makes perfect sense when he is rambling explaining his newest 3D concept turned reality, or how excited he becomes about a new logo design for a start-up company. However, it's not easy to convey those thoughts into words when I am interpreting "what my husband does". 

I have said all that to say, I am very proud of the company that my husband works for, Level 2 Design

"Founded in the summer of 2007, Level 2 Design set out with the lofty goal of forming relationships with clients that went beyond simply finishing projects and getting paid. As many of you know, the design industry has been found grossly lacking in the "human connection" department and we wanted to be different. Years later, we are happy to say that we still call our clients, both past and present, trusted friends."

For as long as I can remember, Chris has been drawing- he definitely has a God given talent. He has been around college grounds searching for his career- from landscape architecture to fireman. But God truly gave him the desires of his heart when he was able to work as an "interactive designer... [making] things for things, 2D and 3D." 

Check out Level 2's new website. View their work and be amazed! They are truly a great team of guys. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Favorite Homemade Cleaners

Get ready to be amazed at the amount of recipes that I am going to post for y'all! As mentioned in my last post, I love to make natural/homemade cleaners, because they are- frugal, easy to make, and flexible in their purposes. 

1. This first recipe for All Purpose Cleaner comes from Abby at Homebirthin' Momma. Her and I share similar ideas in homebirth, raising kids for the Lord, and... cleaning!! (A lady after my own heart for sure). 

6 tablespoons white distilled vinegar
4 cups water
2 Tablespoons Borax
2 Tablespoons dish soap 
Use funnel and add to spray bottle in the order listed. 

2. Dusting Spray- Great for real wood or any surface that you would normally dust. Spray directly to wood or onto a microfiber cloth. 

1 cup white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon olive oil (to condition wood)
3 cups water
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake as you go to keep the ingredients mixed. 

3. Fabric Refresher

2 cups warm water
1/4 cup fabric softener (I buy fancy softener that smells wonderful, because a little goes a long way 
                                     with this recipe.)
1 tablespoon baking soda (as a deodorizer) 
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle and mist on fabrics as much as you like! 

4. Mopping Solution 

1/4 cup white distilled vinegar
1 teaspoon or tablespoon dish soap (depends on how "sudsy" you need the cleaner to be)
1/4 cup Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
2 gallons very warm water
When mopping, I use reusable microfiber rags attached to a Swiffer mop. Or, invest in a mop with velcro strips and very thick scrubbing pads. This would be a great mop! 

*Bonus Trick: To clean Baseboards- use a dryer sheet. This will pick up lint and coat against dust and hair. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Laundry Detergent

"Make all you can... Save all you can.. 
GIve all you can..." John Wesley

I started on the road to less chemical, more natural cleaners out of... boredom. I got tired of buying the same ole cleaners, so I decided to try my luck with making up my own! I then saw how frugal this was, the freedom to add/take away ingredients to make the best cleaner for my home, and also the fun in choosing what scent I wanted my cleaners to be (lemon is my go to essential oil!). 

First, I made a homemade laundry detergent from the Duggar's: 19 Kids and Counting episode that the girls had made. You can find that recipe here. It makes a huge batch! It is enough to make 10 gallons. When I had morning sickness with my last pregnancy, the smell of this detergent would make me very ill! Unfortunately, I can't go back to using it. 

Thankfully, I found a recipe for a new detergent that was cheaper, easier to make, and smelled quite nice! One gallon costs about 17¢ I wash about two loads of laundry a day (10-15 a week)!! I am very picky about only using Lillie-Mae's blankets once, all of Dallas' clothes are only worn once before washing, and I wash ALL bedding (sheets, blankets, and quilts) every week. So, being frugal in the laundry room is a must! 

A Mom's Best Guess: Laundry Detergent

(recipe is for one gallon. I use leftover Vinegar bottles from Costco for storing.)
3 tablespoons Borax
3 tablespoons Washing Soda
2 tablespoons Dish Detergent (I use Dawn lavender for the scent)

Use a funnel to add the ingredients to your detergent container. Then, add 4 cups of VERY hot water through the funnel. Swirl around to blend. Then, fill up to a gallon with cold water by pouring 2 cups at a time through the funnel. I marked a line with permanent marker so I don't have to count the amount that I am pouring in. Put the lid on and give it a good shake. Add as much as you want to a load, because it's cheap!!! (But seriously, about a cup should work). 

Add Vinegar to the wash cycle for very dirty loads. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abortion is Not a Remedy

"... a baby is aborted every 26 seconds." 

A model of a 12 week old baby while inside it's mother's womb. 

Forty years ago marked the date that legalized abortion in the United States in the well-known Roe vs. Wade case. Since then, in the US alone, a baby is aborted every 26 seconds. I can barely think about that without it being a personal issue. I am a woman, a daughter, and a mother. We are faced with many choices in life- ending a baby's life at any stage is the wrong choice: whether medical, emotional, or inconvenience is the reason- the choice is made upon conception.

Maybe the woman's body was taken under control and against her will and she found herself pregnant, but God knew what would come of the situation and had a plan for that baby's life upon conception.

"As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother's womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things." Ecclesiastes 11:5

If you have never been told, then let me tell you about my God and how he was worked in my life. Abortion is a personal issue with me, because I was a mother faced with a choice for my child's life. In June of 2007, after graduating high school in the top 25 of my class, being accepted to the University of Georgia on a full academic scholarship, and recommitting my life to Christ, I found myself pregnant. Was this my boyfriend's choice? No, it was my own. I know sin because I was created with a soul that knows right and wrong. I chose poorly and thus had a choice to make. I thank God that He placed people in my life to guide me when I said, "Forget this, I will not walk this path that You have laid out for me. I tried to change! I have committed my life to You, Lord! If being pregnant is what it takes for my life to turn around, then I am walking back the way I came." 

My boyfriend's mother, Lisa, lovingly showed me that God loved me despite my sin. I felt able to care for this baby growing inside of me. I felt accepted in God's house because of her. If you are faced with a choice after becoming pregnant, then I pray that God places someone in your life that brings light to your darkness.

A young man shared with me how his mother was faced with the choice to abort him, but could not suffer the emotional consequences again that she had faced with her first abortion. Looking in his eyes and at how God how used His life, I saw how God can turn our sin for His glory. 

Without Dallas, I would have never truly taken down my pride and turned my life over to God 100%. It has taken many trials, but they have been my choices. Yes, I am now a mother of two without fully completing my college education, but I have peace and joy daily in this life! I do not have the regret or the emotional consequence that follows an abortion. 

Please, love the ones that have aborted and lovingly guide a woman faced with choices upon conception. 

"And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." Ephesians 4:32

Monday, January 21, 2013


When Lillie-Mae was four months old, she developed a skin rash that I later learned was eczema. For any mom that has been through this with their babies, it's very hard to see their skin go from soft, smooth, and milky white to scaly, bumpy, and covered with red inflammation. Since birth, she had crustiness behind her ears. I blamed the issue on Chris for not cleaning behind her ears when he gave her a bath.
{I need to take a moment to brag on the hubby: 
he gives both kids a bath every night (or every few when Lil Mae's skin is rashy). I do not 
enjoy giving kids baths, but he considers it play-time and one on one bonding with Daddy.}   

The next instance I noticed something was not right with her skin was when her neck became red, smelly, and slightly bumpy. I attributed this to her increase in drool (yes, I'm the lucky mom that has teething babies at 4 months too young!)

The final straw of giving in to the "something just isn't right" feeling was when after nursing her one afternoon, the side of her face that was laying against my arm was VERY red and sensitive to my touch. I was wearing a polyester sweater that had been in storage for the summer, therefore it had not been washed in my new chemical free, scent free detergent! After talking with my husband, I learned that he had eczema when he was a baby-toddler age... Why had no one told me this?? Eczema is genetic and carried heavily through the father's genes. (Thanks "Dada!!") I now had to learn how to treat the eczema and keep it from "flaring up"- the times when the skin was covered in the rash. 

Now, you will hear all about what NOT to do if you assume your child has eczema. 
1. Do not grab whatever lotion you have handy and slather it all on your baby. For me, I grabbed Bordeaux's Dry Skin Ointment (because my google search led me to realize that eczema is dry skin) and layered it all on her face, neck, and upper chest before laying her down for the night. She woke up the next morning with scaly, splotchy skin. I felt like the worst momma for making her skin worse. 
2. Thankfully, I have a very sweet friend that tells me what I don't want to hear (we all need these kinds of friends!) She kept telling me to go to the doctor, and I finally did... After "treating" her skin on my own for 4 days. Do not wait to go to the doctor.  
3. Do not assume that it is not a food allergy- Her pediatrician (Dr. Ho if you are in North Georgia) suggested that her "flare-up" could be caused by a food allergy- nuts or fish possibly. It was the holiday season, and with all the pecan pies, breads with nuts, everything with nuts on it, I had been consuming a lot of nut products. Cutting out nuts improved her skin by 50%. The coconut oil that I had been using had been breaking her skin out worse, so I quickly discarded that item. 

Onto the DO's of handling babies with eczema. 
This is what has worked for me, but every child is different! 
1. Coating her skin with 1% hydrocortisone two times a day (morning and before bed) was a suggestion made by the pediatrician. He suggested to not use this process for more than 2 weeks. This was not solving the problem, but only "masking" the condition. I'm all for getting to the root of a problem and making sure that it doesn't happen again! Research led me to know that eczema is an underlying skin condition that can be caused by chemical irritants in the air, on materials, ingested; food allergies; genetics; stress (the very few times that she has cried and her skin has already been inflamed, the condition worsens!). I recommend a thicker brand such as Target's brand of Hydrocortisone, because the lotion like creams only slid off her skin after an hour or less. 

"What comes out of your skin is often a reflection of your internal health."

2. I called my trusty friend Jim at Nature's Finest to see what he recommended... Since I am nursing Lillie-Mae, I was able to take Skin Detox to pass on the nutrients to her. I took 2, three times a day until her skin conditon improved. Jim was able to explain to me how our skin is the largest organ of our body, and is in charge of detoxifying our body. What comes out of your skin is often a reflection of your internal health. 
3. The pediatrician gave me many lotions to try, and Eucerin plus Smoothing Essentials has worked the best. At her skin's worst condition, I apply three times a day. When it isn't so bad, I apply morning and night.
4. Cloth diapers have been great for her eczema. Disposables break her out in a bumpy, oozing, infection like rash. Most people take one look at her eczema inflamed bum and say that she needs disposable, but trust me they do worse damage!
5. We cut back baths to every 2-3 days, keeping her skin as dry as possible (water dries skin out more, especially with hard water). You can invest in a water purifier to help with this issue.
6. We give her oatmeal baths when her skin is worse than normal, and use plain Dove bar soap as shampoo and wash. 
7. It is good to keep the skin from getting hot and sweaty. So, we cut out swaddling her at night, only dress her in 100% cotton clothes and wash clothes 2-3 times before she wears them. 
8. Try putting a humidifier in the room when the baby is sleeping at night. This will add moisture to the air.
9. Cut nails very very short and then file them smooth, because they will try to scratch their skin. At this point, Lillie-Mae quit sleeping through the night because she was in such discomfort.
10. Let the skin air out as much as possible. Lay baby down on a cotton liner or cotton pre-fold diaper in their crib, diaper free. Baby girl goes without a diaper at least 3 hours a day.
11. Do not let anyone with perfumes hold your baby! You will have to learn to say, "No" and do what is best for your baby's skin to get better. Anyone who uses a different detergent, lotion, etc. can cause your baby to have a flare-up.

These are a couple of pictures of her skin on a "normal" day :( Here, her neck is very red mostly from how much she is drooling from her tooth coming through. 

The diaper area is a work in progress... If you have any tips, please share! So far we have changed detergents and diapers (disposables and clothes- cotton liners work the best for her). What seems to work best for her is the Eucerin lotion and lots of diaper free time. Behind her legs, I applied Hydrocortisone and will for 1-2 days before it will clear up. 

I know that this was very detailed, but it is not a fun thing for Mom or Baby to have to deal with! I know babies with worse conditions that a skin problem, but I think that all Mommas will agree that seeing a child in pain and discomfort is not easy- no matter the level. I hope this was able to help! The steps I took were prayerfully considered, and I am praying for baby girl to have her skin back to normal very soon! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Compassion and Blueberry Cobbler

"My little children, let us not love in word,
neither in tongue; but in deed and truth."
(1 John 3:18)

While I was pregnant with Lillie-Mae, I read "A Love That Multiplies" by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Since the Duggars aired their show, {19} Kids and Counting, I have admired the way that Michelle parents her children- she is soft spoken, kind, humorous, and conveys a sense of calm to her very large family. I am aware that some have their opinions of large families. However, it would only take a few episodes to see that all 19 of the Duggar Children are bright-eyed, have hearts full of love, and are compassionate in serving the Lord. One thing that I took from her book was the importance of teaching our children certain character traits. She charts 49 character traits that are important for her children to learn. They focus on one trait a month by acting out that specific trait to family members and those outside of the family. You can download the chart here.

"Compassion: Investing whatever is necessary
 to heal the hurt of others"

We are starting the month of January off by working on compassion (vs. indifference). The definition given for  Compassion: Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurt of others. It has been one of my resolutions (read them all here) to foster the gifts that God has given Dallas. One thing that wild, loud, messy toddler has is compassion! If his baby sister is crying, he will quickly pat her and say "It's okay baby girl... Don't cry... Momma will (feed you, change your diaper, come pick you up)" To which I will say, "Dallas, maybe she just wants some love from you". He then shrugs his shoulders and leaves the rest to me. So, I saw a need for Dallas to go beyond his initial reaction to soothe someone in despair, pain, etc. 

My Nana recently had surgery to remove a cancerous spot on her leg. She is not able to get out of the bed for a while, and I knew that she would love a visit from Dallas. I suggested that we make a blueberry cobbler for his Nana! (If you know my grandparents, then you understand that a home-made dessert goes right to the heart.) Cobblers have few ingredients, you can make them a thousand ways, and they are basically fool-proof (or in this case, toddler proof). He was great at measuring, mixing, and delivering his dessert to his Nana.

(Sidenote: We are at my parents' house cooking. Long story short, 
my washer is broken and they have a working washer.)

He is licking the oven because it "smelled so good". Baby girl watched and screamed (her approving sign of a situation).

Here is my recipe for Blueberry Cobbler:
***I do not give simple instructions :) :) :) 
3-4 cups fresh blueberries (if frozen, defrost to room temperature)
1 cup white flour
1 cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg, beaten
Some milk
4-6 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

1. Sift flour, sugar, and baking powder into a bowl. (Do NOT use a sifter with a toddler. Let them use their clean hands or a spoon).
2. Stir in the egg until clumpy and well mixed.
3. Add milk until gravy like texture.
4. Place blueberries in an 8x8 baking dish or pie dish (I mash mine lightly with a fork to make the cobbler extra juicy).
5. Spread mixture over blueberries. Pour melted butter over mixture.
6. Bake at 350 for maybe 20 minutes, maybe 30 (depends on oven) until very lightly brown on top.
7. Most importantly, Serve with ICE CREAM

To sum up the visit, my Nana was very happy to see Dallas bring in the cobbler. He patted her bandaged leg and asked her how she was feeling. I was very proud when he told her that eating the cobbler would take her mind off the pain ;) Before he came to see her, I asked her not to "tip" him for his act of compassion. However, he couldn't help but show me the $2 she gave him. (Grandparents... they like to spoil).

As for the taste (I actively seek compliments for "my cooking"-maybe I should work on humility!!)... My Papaw stated,  "Is this your first time making it?".

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Chains are Gone

"Some midnight hour if you should find
You're in a prison in your mind...
Reach out and praise, defy those chains
And they will fall in Jesus' name."

Sometimes life isn't as simple and perfect as we would like for it to be. Often the smallest events can ruin our day (and for the moment, we think they will be the gloom of our entire life). So, imagine when you wake up one day and a small event turns into the most life-changing moment of your life thus far. That is where I found myself on September 15, 2009 in the door way of a dear friend's house... 

"...[heaven] seems so near, troubles seems so small, when God
brings you through something bigger than yourself..."

I have talked with some about the details- the way God turned strangers into friends, placed me at a specific place at a specific time- surrounding the death of my husband, Wes. However, I left out the emotional and spiritual effects. You see, I believe that death is not finite- there is a heaven where we go on to live. A promised land where there is no more sorrow or pain (Revelation 21:4). As Jesus stated to Martha, "I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?" (John 11: 25-26). So, for the most part the emotional effect of his death has been a sweeter longing for heaven- it seems so near, troubles seem so small, when God brings you through something bigger than yourself. If you believe, then you too will experience heaven after death. 

I was eating dinner at Justin and Whitney Gallaway's house (the college and career pastor of Parkway Baptist Temple), when Justin handed me his phone saying that I had a call. I stood up from the table, made it to the doorway of the living room when someone on the other line was asking me to come to the police station regarding my husband, Wesley Campbell. I knew in that one sentence that Wes was dead... I collapsed into Whitney's arms saying, "Oh, God!!" but thinking nothing, feeling numb. I had to wait two hours to go to the police station for someone to share with me that Wes had committed suicide. When Justin started the car to make the drive, "I Can Only Imagine" started to play on J103- God's promise to me that Wes was saved and in heaven at that moment. I held on to every word that the Officer said, waiting for a clue when I could inform him, "You have the wrong guy, Wes couldn't be the one you're talking about." When I was told that they had examined Wes' vehicle in the garage of our home, my hopes were lifted! His XTerra couldn't fit in the garage, because of the lights on top! However, he went on to say that he had poisoned himself from the carbon monoxide of the vehicle. His body was found in the back yard of our home by a neighbor. I did not shed a tear through the statements the officer made- I went back to the Gallaway's home without crying. Whitney put a CD player in my bedroom that night, and sweet voices lifted songs of praise to God- praises that I would soon be able to sing for myself. Ashley Guinn shared that night with me and many more to follow (what a God send she was!). I asked her, "Is it okay that I'm not crying..." She told me that I would grieve in my own time. 

"What in the world am I going to do now that I'm alone?"

For the next couple of days, I rode around with Whitney, Melissa Hill, Jessica Bramblett, Ashley, and Amber Erwin, finalizing the details of his funeral- printing pictures for the visitation, collecting momentos of his life (football, fishing, and the Marines). My parents and other family members took care of Dallas- he was one and a half, and Wes had been his father for the past year of his life. For the funeral, I was advised to pick one or two songs to be sung. I asked Brandon Taylor to sing Chris Tomlin's new song "Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)"- it was so new he had not heard it, but learned it for the funeral. Jessica suggested that Melissa Sampson sing Selah's song "I Bless Your Name". I couldn't remember her singing it at church before, so she played it for me- I smiled and said "That will be a good song to sing." :) The night before the funeral, after visiting with all the people that loved Wes- that he had made an imprint on their life, I prayed to God, asking him to help me let go. I walked down the aisle of the church, sat down on the pew, grasping my mother's hand, and listened to the Pastors preach on death and remembering Wes. When Melissa Sampson started singing, "Their chains were loosed and they were free.. I bless Your name.. I bless Your name...", Whitney turned to me and said, "Let it go, sister... Give it to God. Leave it here." My guard crashed to the floor, and the tears started pouring... What was I letting go? I was letting go of the hurt (I had planned the rest of my life with this man, how could God take him?), the uncertainty (What in the world am I going to do now that I'm alone?), the embarrassment (What are people going to think of me as a wife?), and the blame (I should have known- this is all my fault). By "letting it go" I did not have all the answers to those questions- I was simply letting God know that I trusted him with my uncertainties. 

Today, I still struggle with negative thoughts of Wes' death. One thing that God made clear to me from the beginning was that his suicide was based around sin- we ALL have sin. Satan loves for us to sin- it takes away from God's glory. I have a very deep and understanding view on how sin can encompass your life until your thoughts have gone so far to make you believe that there is no hope but death. But you know what, Satan can't conquer death for God's children!! Satan can not keep you from heaven!! If you're saved, you're washed in the blood- Jesus' blood that he shed when he was nailed to the cross for our sins. Satan can take away from your joy, your purpose in life, if you let him. I have to choose daily, to follow God.

"Your most treasured memory is defining your present day life." 

This past Saturday in a Beth Moore video, she asks the question "What is your most treasured memory?" from her Bible study, The Law of Love. She goes on to explain that your most treasured memory is not necessarily the best memory you have, but it is the part of your past that consumes you. For me that long ago memory of Wes' death creeped up into my mind. How many times a day did I still dwell on that part of my life? Had I allowed that event to give God glory? Beth then made a statement so relevant to the anxiety that my life had recently been centered around: "Your most treasured memory is defining your present day life." Wow! September 15, 2009 is no longer the date, but just a memory. Ephesians 1:20 "... which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places." God is in control! I need a new memory...

Justin had previously preached on Joshua 4 "(vs.7) ... the waters of Jordan were cut off: and these stones shall be for a memorial unto the children of Israel for ever. (vs.9)... and they are there unto this day." I am choosing to turn my memory  into a memorial of what God brought me through- how He supplied my every need through my faith. This memory shall not be moved. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

"2013 will be a great year. I will love my family, 
be used by God, and grow as an individual."

When I was younger, I looked forward to spending New Year's at either my Nana's or my Mamaw's house. I knew that I could eat junk food (popcorn and Oreos) and stay up watching Dick Clark bring in the new year. The most memorable New Year I remember was Y2K. My Mamaw filled up the bathtub, and I held my breath as the clock got seconds closer to seeing if the world was going to stop (I had images of all the lights going out and the assembly lines that fueled consumerism shutting down). Thankfully, that didn't happen!  

On New Year's Eve, I cooked collared greens, chicken noodle soup, and black eyed peas. We brought the meal to my grandparents for them to enjoy as well, and she supplied the corn muffins and iced tea. (I need to take a moment to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoy southern food!). I love that my Papaw and Nana Cawood have a strong marriage- they are always laughing and winking at each other. My Nana shared a story of how one New Year's Eve, Papaw lifted her in the air to kiss her- grabbing her ribs so hard that he cracked them. She got so "tickled" while telling the story, and my Papaw just sat there with a big smile on his face! I hope to have a love like theirs that grows through the years. 

Chicken Noodle Soup from my Childhood Cookbook

Black-Eyed Peas

This year, I spent the last seconds of 2012 enjoying a hot bath. This may seem boring to most, but a long bath with the water filled up to my shoulders is the most enjoyable thing I never get to do. While my skin was steaming, I thought about what I wanted from my marriage, myself, and my family in the new year. Dallas has changed from a little boy to a big boy over night. In the new year, I am praying that God will reveal some of the gifts that I as his mother need to nurture. I can already tell that he is compassionate- in tune with other's emotions. For Lillie Mae, I pray for her health and happiness. As her mother, I want to have patience and instincts to raise her up with the utmost love.

I asked Chris a few days ago what were his resolutions- he replied that resolutions were stupid and pointless to make for the new year. Geez, where's the humor ;) I guess he could tell that I didn't like that response, so last night he made Resolution cards for us to write out and look back on for next year. For our marriage, I want us to better our communication. In our one year of marriage, one thing I can say is that it has lived up to it's stigma of the "First Year of Marriage" being hard. I want to learn to become Chris' "helpmate", not just his mate. I want him to always know that when he comes home, I am 100% satisfied with who God gave me. And, I am! That man amazes me every day with his patience and diligence with me! I will forever love him for that. 
James 1:3 "Know this that the trying of your faith worketh patience."

Today we have celebrated New Year's by visiting with family, eating another holiday dinner (sauerkraut and kielbasa, fried potatoes, and more collared greens), going to see a movie, and letting Dallas switch out a Christmas toy. It has been relaxing and full of blessings! 

 Eat Your GREENS!!