Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Level 2 Design

Quite often, I am asked, "What does your husband do?" My mind is quickly filled with images of him making dinner, playing with our kids, mowing the yard, playing guitar at church, giving the dogs baths, making me laugh, hiking a trail, playing baseball, etc. Then, I realize that this person is inquiring about the type of work that he does (the kind that makes the money)... That's a little complicated. It makes perfect sense when he is rambling explaining his newest 3D concept turned reality, or how excited he becomes about a new logo design for a start-up company. However, it's not easy to convey those thoughts into words when I am interpreting "what my husband does". 

I have said all that to say, I am very proud of the company that my husband works for, Level 2 Design

"Founded in the summer of 2007, Level 2 Design set out with the lofty goal of forming relationships with clients that went beyond simply finishing projects and getting paid. As many of you know, the design industry has been found grossly lacking in the "human connection" department and we wanted to be different. Years later, we are happy to say that we still call our clients, both past and present, trusted friends."

For as long as I can remember, Chris has been drawing- he definitely has a God given talent. He has been around college grounds searching for his career- from landscape architecture to fireman. But God truly gave him the desires of his heart when he was able to work as an "interactive designer... [making] things for things, 2D and 3D." 

Check out Level 2's new website. View their work and be amazed! They are truly a great team of guys. 


  1. Thanks for the support El! You are awesome and the best wife evar! #copyandpaste