Monday, March 4, 2013


This post was written on the night we found out we were expecting Baby Number 3!

Tonight, we enjoyed the Valentine's Banquet at church. It was so great to be surrounded by other couples and for the theme of the night to be "love".  Surprisingly, the most exciting part of our night was not winning the "Couple who has been married the least amount of time" box of chocolates (1 year, 3 months, and 11 days). The excitement came when I told Chris we should probably get a pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant... WHAT???? To be honest, three weeks ago I knew I was pregnant. And yes, a split second after using the test, a bright blue + sign showed up. Pregnant!

Meanwhile, Chris is tending to a screaming Lillie-Mae: putting diaper cream on her very bad diaper rash, lotion on her eczema, and new pajamas. She had been at my parents house for the banquet and fallen asleep at 7:30, so at 9:00 when we arrived home with her she was confused and ready to be left alone to sleep. I left the test on the kids' bathroom sink where he would see it after leaving her room... I stood with my back to him while what seemed like forever. He finally moved and said, "That's exciting!" I gave him the thumbs up and went into my bedroom with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes (50% joy and 50% fear).

After my precious baby girl was quietly sleeping, Chris came and got me and said again, "This is so exciting!" To which my response continued to be, "Why is this so exciting? Why are you so excited? What about having another baby makes you excited?" All the while, my heart is truly joyful, but I needed my husband, my rock, to calm some fears for just a second. His response to my uncertainty, "Because I trust God more than I trust myself. I am excited that God trusts me with another baby when I barely feel like I should be trusted with Lillie-Mae. God has lined all of this up and His, what seems to us crazy plan, is all His plan." He redirected me to the positive and I was able to see how exciting it would be for Lil' Mae to have a baby brother or sister. She loves babies already! Dallas is the BEST big brother. His face lights up when he is playing with his little sister and he makes it his greatest responsibility to always care for her. Now he will have two babies to love! Then, the fear again, "What about my baby and my baby-baby? Do I have room for a baby-baby-baby {in my heart}?"

Now, we both had the common anxiety of telling people that we are expecting again. You see, I feel like in our culture you have 2.5 kids, two to three years apart. Well, we have exceeded the limit and rushed the deadline with 3 kids and the youngest being a year apart in age. So, we decided for it to be an April's Fool Joke! Less pressure, more fun, a win-win for everyone! People could believe we were "for real" or think it was just a silly joke. No harm done.

Chris came in as I was writing this post and said, "Remember the hour that Lillie-Mae was crying today  {instead of napping} and you felt overwhelmed because you were not able to get anything done in that hour?" Yes... "Well, from now on your mindframe needs to be thankful for the hour/s that you are able to get things done, because you will soon have a 5 year old, 1 year old, and Newborn to care for. I don't care what 'gets done', make it your priority to make them first and not to be overwhelmed." What a man to say something like that. I am truly thankful to his honesty that I need.

So, in short I am praying: that I can direct my thoughts positively; I will keep myself, baby, and family healthy; and that I trust God more than I trust myself.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited for you!!! :) God is amazing! He opens and closes the womb, and this is HIS plan! Rest in that. He planned this, and He will see you through it. I'm so excited for Baby #3! :)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! They will be 14 months apart. How far will your little ones be?

    2. Mine will be a few days shy of being 16 months apart. (They will probably end up being 16 months apart since I'm sure I'll go past my due date.) So excited for you! Yay! How far along are you now?

    3. I think I'm 11 weeks, but unfortunately I don't have a clue ;) My first midwife appointment is next week, so we will talk about a due date then. I tend to go early, so with wanting a home birth I need to have a good estimated due date!

  2. so sweet :) noah and nevaeh is 18 months apart!