Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hall Bath- Idea Board

I am so excited to finally be working- quickly- on our new house! The plumber and electrician have come and gone. Most demolition is completed. Now I need to find a handy drywall man to fix the holes and sheetrock over the cinderblock basement. Thankfully, I have a wonderful, selfless, project-loving Daddy that happens to love me his grandson enough to help out. Chris has been working right alongside him, and it has been nice to see the two of them building and finishing our new home.

Somehow the first room I am starting with the most overhaul in is the hall bath. The hall bath of our new house will be what guests use when visiting as well as the daily bathroom for the kids. It is a galley style bathroom- a long vanity with double sinks, then a half wall backing the tub/shower and toilet area.

I am thankful for the window in the bathroom. I like light! Our home now has windows in every room, and I cannot stand a room that feels closed in. Some normal, more realistic person may see this bathroom and say, "Throw some paint on it and it's good to go!" However, we have already begun tearing out and making plans for new.

First, the vanity will be a major overhaul. Truly, it will be the focal point of the bathroom (not the shiny white toilet throne.)

Would you think to keep this yellowed, 70's vanity? Well, I see potential! We will be painting this white and distressing to allow a black background to show through. I may even keep the handles, painted of course. And yes, I'm completely serious! 

I happened on a custom granite shop that sells remnant for the price of dirt pretty much. I have seriously gotten black gold dirt for the price that it cost for our countertops. This is an example of what they look like. 

Next up, faucets! There are so many choices in the design world. Here a few tips when searching in the overwhelming selection of faucets online, search by
1. Color
2. Price "Low to High" I have fallen for too many items that are not 1/10 of what I could afford.
3. Pick the first one that makes you say, "Ahhh...!"

For me, this Moen faucet caught my eye in the sea of chrome fixtures. I prefer a single handle faucet, slightly raised with a wide base. This fit the qualifications!

Part of the beadboard has already been torn down. We will be using the leftovers to make it an accent only halfway up the wall. Oh, and it will also be painted white. You may be thinking, "Blah! White!" But, it is so crisp and clean! Exactly what a bathroom needs to be. The top of the walls may or may not be a color. I don't want to do blue. Everyone does blue. Since Chris is an artist of some sort, I'm sure he will have a great suggestion! 

The flooring will be hexagon white tiles with a dark grout. Similar to that in this picture. 

I think I will leave the rest of the details as a surprise at the big reveal of the finished bath! But let's just say, this little bathroom will have tons of details when finished! 

If you wouldn't mind praying for our current house to sell. We know God has the perfect family for our house! He has given us hope along the way, and we are remaining faithful that it will sell in His time! You can view the details in my post about it here.

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