Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Restful Vacation

I had a great time away with my family this past week. We have been on turbo speed with renovating the new house, preparing our home for the move, (not even thinking about) packing, getting supplies for the new baby ready, serving in the church, and being intentional about quality time together as a family. 

           Someone was ready to go! 

Chris and I started our trip alone Saturday morning- minus babies, carseats, diapers, and our little Einstein with his questions. We shopped in Pigeon Forge for the kids winter clothes and Chris a birthday present. He ended up with Fossil sunglasses, boots and a leather belt from Bass, and two pairs of jeans. According to Chris if I wasn't pregnant, then I could have also bought for myself. But I'm pretty sure the shopping trip was an example of Momma puts her babies first;) We checked into the River Park Inn to relax before our dinner. I love staying at this hotel mainly for the homemade breakfast in bed of donuts and coffee. However, since we only needed a one bed room, we were on the creekside. It was peaceful to prop the balcony door open and hear the water. For dinner, we treated ourselves to the Peddler. It's a wonderful steakhouse off River Road. We had reservations for 9:00 (since we were alone and didn't have bedtimes or babysitters to worry about). When we arrived we requested a table overlooking the river. It was supposed to be an extra 30 minutes but we ended up being seated at 8:45- I must have looked extra hungry and pregnant!

 This restaurant has wonderful service and great quality steaks. It's been Chris approved. We enjoyed coffee and cheesecake and didn't leave the restaurant until 10:45! It was so nice to spend time alone with Chris. We put our relationship with our kids first more than we do each other. 

For Christmas, my Dad gifted us with a trip to the Wilderness Resort in Sevierville, TN. My parents, sister, brother in law, and niece, and my family all shared three adjoining rooms. The girls didn't keep each other up all night, and Dallas got to sleep in his own big bed in Chief's room.

 The resort had restaurants so we really didn't need to leave. The water park slides were just as good as Splash Country, but without lines.  Being able to eat lunch, change clothes, and nap in our rooms in the middle of the day was also a plus.  

"...the most satisfying part of a dream is often the journey along the way."

Now it's back to reality- unpacking, washing clothes, 3 yards to mow, renting out a house, packing(!!!!), and finishing up renovations in 21 days. We could definitely use the prayers to remember the reasons why God has us on the journey. We love our family and know that all this chaos is just preparing for the future He has for us! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hospital Birth Unedited

I was getting pictures together for Lillie-Mae's first birthday and came across the labor pictures that were taken with my first child's birth. Being able to now compare an induced, medicated, hospital birth with a natural home birth, I can honestly say that my home birth was 100% better than the hospital birth.

Without throwing any nurses or doctors under the bus for how my labor went with Dallas, let me say first that our culture is so BACKWARDS on how labor and delivery should be treated for a woman and child. I am not going to to throw a bunch of statistics in about the maternal death rate 100 years ago vs. today, the efficacy in which a hospital birth has improved/declined, or about the types of women who are having home births. All the studies can be done and all the people can read them, but it will not matter unless MOTHERS are honest about how their labor really went.

Was it all you expected? Did you expect anything? 
Did you survive? Did it hurt? 
Were you forced to do things you did not want to do? 
Were you left questioning why something happened? 
Did you feel guilty afterwards? 
Have you anything positive to say about the event? 
Have you even questioned anything that happened in the hospital room that 
changed your life forever

Some things that I have heard from mothers after they've had a child and the moments are fresh on their mind are excuses. "Well, this happened, because this might have happened, so the doctor decided that this should happen. But we have a healthy baby boy/girl and that's all that matters!" Why are we defending birth? I will agree that the health of a newborn child does matter. But at what cost? To me at the most extreme situation it would cost a mother her courage: the ability to do something that frightens someone. Birth can be scary- and after a bad birth experience (maybe having an unexpected c-section, being told your baby could die because of the cord around it's neck, having your baby sucked out because a machine says that it's heart rate is dropping) what mother is willing to say that having a child, a blessing, come into her life was in any way bad. 

These are the pictures you won't see on Facebook, but they are real. Unedited- no making the newborn into a creamy white when they are really splotchy red from crying their lungs out. No lighting was edited- fluorescents are really the opposite of peaceful.

"Could you imagine taking a baby cub away from a Momma bear? Then why is it okay to take a human's child from her for unnecessary interventions immediately following birth?" 

Vernix being rubbed off

Being suctioned- traveling through the birth canal naturally removes fluid. 

See how he is naturally turning to the side with his mouth open.
Any guesses for what he is looking for? No, it's not a bottle, but that was 
still his first form of nourishment. No colostrum or comfort from nursing. 

Having footprints done. I did Lillie-Mae's quite some time after her birth,
 when they were still cute and tiny. 

Being weighed- why can it not wait? 

Pretty sure if Dallas could talk, he would be saying, "Mommy!" 

I don't know exactly how long he was away from me, but it was too long and unnecessary. Any assessment of baby can be done beside the mother. Unfortunately, hospitals are at a time of importance being placed more on liability rather than letting something so natural just take its course. 

I think we are both thinking, "Finally!" I remember just talking to him like no one else was in the room. Telling him how beautiful his eyes were and how good it felt to hold him. Wanting so badly to unwrap him, but not knowing if I was allowed to. I think I snuck an arm out and was able to count five fingers on one hand before a nurse told me I really should keep him tucked tight. 

To see the other side of what birth could be like, please read Lillie-Mae's home birth story
I like to think that I learned  a lot from the first time around. 
Unfortunately, Dallas was my guinea pig. But I only think that
 I am the one left with the scars of his birth's memories.