Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Second Anniversary

Two years of marriage to my best friend has been...
Ridiculously Frustrating
Life Changing

And if I had to choose one thing to say about the past two years, then I would say that they have grown me. Not only have these two years brought me into two baby girls, a new home, and numerous paths patted out for the cause of Christ, but on a smaller scheme, these two years have brought me peace. Chris is in this marriage for the repeating triathlon that it is... 

Our theme song for just this past year isn't exactly a love song of promises, but honest and transparent. I have questioned  and been unwilling to take chances to better our marriage. But at the foundation is still a lasting love. 

Make a Mistake With Me

You over think things
You say what if we're not meant to be
Well you know what so what
Make a mistake with me

Nobody goes through this life and does
Everything perfectly
We're all gonna fail so you might as well
Make a mistake with me

Sometimes baby when we take
A chance that has this much at stake
We look back and in hindsight
What seemed wrong looks more like right

So I say worst case we'll be left with
Lots of good memories
This chance we have well it's worth that 
So make a mistake with me

I'm tellin' you the right thing to do
Is make a mistake
Make a mistake
Make a mistake with me

We had a talk last night about being the two in two million that are set on a path to Canaan. We can see it, we know the promises that are there, and we refuse to be left on the outskirts looking into our Promised Land. 

God did not set our path with smooth marble and equip us with fuzzy, comfortable socks to slide along it's polished surface. There are pot holes, hills, muddy spots, places I need to be carried over, and other spots where encouragement will need to be given. 

To be honest, the hardest part about our marriage has been breaking generational sin and the easiest  part has been to say, "Yes, Lord!" Yes, we trust You. Yes, we want to live selflessly. Yes, every penny in our bank account is ultimately yours. Yes, we want Your will above our own. Yes, we believe that our children are meant to be used by you.

To answer my wonderful husband's question: "Do you want to sit at the head of the table next to me in 50 years, look down the rows of chairs and be proud of the enormous family that both you, I, and God shaped? Do you want to look at all the faces and see a family set apart, and a family that has helped shape their community and made an impact for God... The Guess (Tribe) will not be the same after my life with you is through." 

Yes, and yes! Two in two million...

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