Sunday, April 6, 2014

Changing Seasons

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Genesis 8:22 

I am not one to grasp to change with {initially} a positive outlook. Comfort and routine are my two best friends. The changing of seasons has been known to flip my boat a few times. Spring has fully arrived here in North Georgia. Birds sing all day. The mornings are a crisp cool. Days are breezy and just the right temperature. Tulips, iris, daffodils, and white phlox are awake in full bloom. I have not had quite enough time to accept this change- however gradual it may be to welcoming the swimming pool and sno cone days of summer. Not only do I thrive in the unchanging circumstances, but I love a rainy, foggy, cold day. I have gone so far as to research careers and homes for sale in Washington state just to have my perfect weather. For the Twilight fans who will understand- pretty sure Bella and I would be good roommates. 

With the change comes the shift in playful activities from inside to outside. I love my home. It is new to us, and the first season we had spent here was a snowy winter. With my two oldest kids, there is nothing more enjoyable than being outside. The other day I parked at the battlefield, told them to hop out and run. I was able to make some uninterrupted phone calls. I know they enjoyed not being hushed by me from inside a house while I was able to do so. 

Season changes are not determined by us. In nature and in our lives- we cannot decide when the best time to grow and evolve will take place. Could you imagine having to tell your pansies, "Okay, you can bloom now- it's warm enough." Or waking the birds, commanding them to "Go fly and sing from sun up to sun down. The cold will not hinder you anymore." As humans, we cannot see the needs of the bees to pollinate the flowers. In our own lives, we cannot possibly know when to stop and start a season. If it were up to most, then we would have spring and summer all year long. Happiness and  carefree living would be our norm.

 Would that teach us to appreciate the seasons for what they are? If we never experienced the loss of a family member, could we truly appreciate the ones left? If husbands and wives never disagreed would they learn to discern a situation differently? Changing seasons is hard! Not because of the kids clothes that need to be changed out of closets or the grass that will need to be mowed. But because we cannot grasp the reasoning until we see the good in the difference. We live our lives in comparison- good vs. bad and black vs. white. I know God wants us to see that He is good, all the time. (Psalm 100:5) His ways are perfect, in every matter. (Isaiah 55:8) 

The "good in the difference" is that we are growing. God sends us into hibernation- waiting periods, and He opens up our petals to full bloom- showing His glory. 

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