Monday, January 19, 2015

Winter Season

Journal Entry: January 19, 2015 "It's only Monday and I'm a little stir crazy. Usually this doesn't happen until Thursday. If I can hold off until Friday, then I give myself a pat on the back. But Monday? I don't know how we will survive." 

I recently had a conversation with several college ages girls about hair and washing and styling the hair. When asked how often I shampoo mine, "About twice a week." I received blank stares and half smiles. I then explained that I trained my hair to only need to be shampooed twice a week. How? Well, because that's all I had time for so oil production just had to slow down while I made breakfast in the mornings and did the pointless sleeping thing at night. 

A lot has slowed down besides the amount of times I am able to wash, dry, and style. With homeschool lessons and toddler tantrums, home is where my time is spent. It barely labels me as a hermit; I have constant companionship with my three best friends.  And my son reading under a homemade tent is in no way a reflection of his socialization outside the home. I am thankful for this season. God knew I needed a winter season to carry me through to the spring where I am sure things will be in bloom. I can feel it. These little seeds I'm sowing are ready to sprout up. The cold has brought hibernation but soon the sun will shine. 

I started this the beginning of 2015 to chronicle the next 5 years of my life. I have a feeling that these fleeting years to come will be the hardest. It's a balance and self sacrifice that the days demand. A kind word is found after walking away and saying one of those out loud, pleading prayers. Teaching moments are taught when Lillie-Mae tells the stranger "I don't like you! Go away!" in response to their praise of good behavior. I want to have these moments in word so that when these kiddos are grown and gone I can remember these {hard yet rewarding} times at home. I pray I don't fill it with fluff but that I point out the good and the bad. Notice the bite marks? I think it gives it character. Truly, this slowed down, hibernating season is a time where all things "Mommy" are marked by a child's needs.